The sound of your voice has a therapeutic effect on human cells – and can be transformed into light to be sent into space

It’s so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. With mouths to feed and rent being due, even news about impending nuclear war seem less significant when compared to the horror of just trying to survive. Yet, scientists have reminded us today that even the simplest things — our voice for example — have potentially huge impacts in health and in space communication.

John Stuart Reid, an acoustic-physics researcher, recently published a fascinating hypothesis on the therapeutic potential of sound, and how our voices could, even years after our death, be heard as “songs” in the universe. The piece begins rather technically, with Reid describing how light and sound work.

In the end though, Reid contests that both are manifestations of energy which vibrate in our universe.

We cannot “see” them, not in the sense that we are used to. Everything that we perceive are end-products of even smaller and more intricate mechanisms. Taken on an energetic level, sound and light are just different ways atoms interact with each other. Every sensation, every color is a specific “hum” in the universe — or just how these atoms vibrate against one other.

An easy way to test this is to rub your hands together for a few seconds. Now close your eyes and press your palms on your lids. It feels warm, but where did the heat from? The molecules from your left hand scraped with the molecules of your right hand, creating sound, but also generating heat. Heat — in this case — would be a form of infrared electromagnetism which is otherwise known as light. As you see, even the simplest action required a complex interaction of energies.

The same principle applies when we speak. Atomic collisions caused by sound (or your voice) are carried away in the air, causing small amounts of heat (infrared light). Reid contends that this simple mechanism travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. Naturally, the amount of energy the sound produces drops with distance, but the infrared bubble created by your voice could — technically — travel forever as long as it is not impeded by a dense molecular matter.

What does that mean in terms of space communication? It sounds like the plot of a sci-fi novel, but theoretically speaking, your voice could be heard by other planets. It may take decades to do so, but your unique voice can travel all the way to the stars.

It would work both ways as well. Already scientists are working on “listening” to the sounds of stars. There is a branch of astronomy, called asteoseismology, that deals specifically with this. Astronomers monitor the heavens using a very sensitive infrared instrument to hear the atomic messages of stars and potential extraterrestrial life. They believe that the next “alien” message is not one that was not deliberately transmitted into space, but one that is actually an infrared light “song.”

In terms of using sound for health reasons, scores of studies suggest that certain rhythms and vibrations can influence how the body recovers from illnesses. It applies the same theory of vibrational energy. Physicists believe that everything vibrates, even objects that look stationary. Within the human body, changes in vibrations (or when a cell “shuts” off) result in disease. The goal of sound therapy is to realign these cells so that they resonate harmoniously with the universe. (Related: De-Stress And Heal Your Body With Sound Therapy.)

These are all very interesting suppositions that definitely need to be researched further. To read more articles on the vast potential of sound therapy, go to today.

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